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How to Grow Your Email List

What’s inside the 75 page PDF eBook:

  • How to quickly get your very first subscribers when you’re starting from zero?

  • How to determine your niche and develop a successful marketing plan so you’re attracting the right subscribers to your email list?

  • How to transform your website and blog posts into magnets that attract subscribers while you sleep?

  • How to effectively use social media to grow your email list (and not waste your time)?

  • How to land guest posts on popular websites that your target audience visits?

  • How to optimize those guest posts so that they bring you subscribers? And much more!

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Introducing How to Grow Your Email List: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers, the complete guide that distills the most powerful list building strategies so you can promote your work effectively and find your audience online.

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Jeff Goins

Entrepreneur,  bestselling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve

“If I could go back and change one thing about my writing career, it would be this: I would have started an email list from day one. You should do the same. And this book is the perfect guide to help you.”

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The exact strategies I used to grow my email list from 200 to 2,000 subscribers in just a year.

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